I came to therapy at Integrated because my neck was stiff and painful. I had trouble looking over my shoulder while driving. Every time I stood up, I would get dizzy. In eight visits, I was able to look over my shoulders further than I have for many years. I no longer get dizzy and don't have a fear of falling anymore." 


My mother had numerous falls prior to starting therapy at Integrated Physical Therapy Services. She had been hospitalized, was in a nursing home and now is staying with me and my husband. She required many months of therapy. The therapy she received was the best. They addressed so many of her issues and she has not fallen since. Thank you for all of your help." 


I had a longstanding history of back pan and sciatica from a work injury. I was limping and had gained a lot of weight from inactivity. With the therapy at Integrated Physical Therapy, I was able to get rid of all of the pain, I felt looser and stronger too. I lost over 30 pounds and feel great." 


I can balance now. Before therapy, after my surgery, I could not walk. Now I can climb stairs and shop in all of the stores.  My knee did not bend for the longest time. IPTS physical therapists have hands of miracles; now my knee bends better than before."