Fitness/Wellness Physical Therapy

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Wellness is the physical state of good health and the mental/emotional ability to enjoy and appreciate being healthy and physically fit. Each physical therapy patient at IPTS receives a treatment plan that includes exercise recommendations customized to the patient’s medical status and physical therapy goals. These recommendations make up a fitness program designed to guide patients on a step-by-step journey leading to physical recovery, fitness and wellness. In order to stay well and physically fit, a fitness regimen must continue to be followed even after recovering from injury.

Injuries recover best when exercises are performed under the direction of a licensed physical therapist at both the treatment center and at home. At Integrated Physical Therapy Services, Inc., our physical therapists literally coach patients through each exercise at our state-of-the-art facilities and provide detailed instructions on continuing physical therapy exercises in between appointments.

Fitness programs at IPTS consist of:

    • One-on-one coaching with a physical therapist
    • Custom exercises that match physical therapy goals
    • Recurrent re-evaluation to measure progress
    • A detailed home exercise program

Exercises offered at our IPTS facilities:

    • Neck exercises
    • Shoulder exercises
    • Elbow exercises
    • Wrist exercises
    • Hip exercises
    • Knee exercises
    • Ankle exercises
    • Stretching exercises
    • Balancing exercises
    • Strength exercises
    • Coordination exercises
    • Endurance exercises
    • Motor control exercises
    • Core stabilizing exercises