Post-Op Physical Therapy

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Postoperative physical therapy helps individuals recover from orthopedic surgeries. Surgeons prescribe physical therapy in order to minimize the pain and swelling caused by procedures they perform—and to restore movement, flexibility and function to the affected areas of the body. The goal of post-op physical therapy is to return patients to their previous level of activity before their injuries occurred.

IPTS physical therapists develop a treatment strategy for each individual according to their specific health needs. We conduct an initial assessment and coordinate with orthopedic surgeons and other attending physicians to fully understand the medical history of our patients. From there, we guide patients on a path toward recovery using the most effective physical therapy interventions available.

Common operations followed by physical therapy:

    • Total joint replacements
    • Bone fracture repair surgeries
    • Ligament & tendon reconstructions
    • Shoulder surgeries
    • Wrist & elbow surgeries
    • Low back & cervical surgeries
    • Hip surgeries
    • Knee surgeries
    • Foot & ankle surgeries

Post-op physical therapy includes:

    • One-on-one treatment
    • Muscle-strengthening exercises
    • Flexibility training
    • Coordination exercises
    • Balancing exercises
    • Posture training

Besides postoperative physical therapy—which is conducted after surgery, preoperative physical therapy is available for individuals who would like physical therapy prior to surgery. Pre-op physical therapy provides patients with exercises, precautions and home adaptations before surgery even takes place, thus improving a patient’s recovery results.

If you are facing an orthopedic procedure or are currently recovering from one, contact us for more information or to schedule your initial physical therapy assessment.