Speech Therapy

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Speech therapy is vital, because it directly affects a person’s ability to communicate.

Integrated Physical Therapy Services, Inc. offers professional speech therapy services that treat a variety of speech, voice and language disorders. Speech therapy is vital, because it positively affects the lives of children, adults and seniors—and their ability to communicate. Patients who stutter, have fluency and rhythm problems, inappropriate pitch, or harsh voice and speech quality problems benefit from working with our licensed speech therapists. Children with speech problems—and their parents—are especially grateful for the opportunity to improve articulation skills, expressive language skills and speech fluency skills needed in everyday life.

Our speech pathologists also help individuals suffering with swallowing disorders (dysphagia). Swallowing disorders are often due to neurological conditions (e.g., multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's disease), esophageal injuries/conditions (e.g., scleroderma, achalasia and gastroesophageal reflux disease) and the effects of cancer radiation treatments.

Benefits of speech therapy at IPTS:

    • Learn proper breathing techniques
    • Exercise mouth & jaw control
    • Improve articulation
    • Strengthen voice
    • Develop vocal confidence
    • Retrain cognition
    • Learn swallowing techniques
    • Coordinate swallowing muscles
    • Stimulate the swallowing reflex

At IPTS, speech therapy includes educating patients and families about the cause of speech, voice, language and swallowing disorders. With the proper professional care and family support, patients have a greater chance of managing and improving speech related difficulties.

To schedule a speech-language or swallowing evaluation, call us at 330.652.1415 (Niles office) or 330.534.9090 (Hubbard office). We look forward to assisting you!