Sports Physical Therapy

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Integrated Physical Therapy Services, Inc. offers expert care for treating sports injuries. Our physical therapists are skilled in the evaluation and treatment of sports-related injuries and conditions, and our comprehensive evaluation process will determine your individualized treatment program.

Depending on what your condition requires, you may receive a combination of treatment services focused on restoring optimal biomechanical control and normal daily function. In addition, our advanced treatment procedures and equipment allow you to gain mobility, strength, stability and motor control so you can return to your chosen sport as quickly as possible and be at your ultimate best.

Common sports-related injuries and conditions:

    • Muscle strains
    • Ankle sprains
    • Tendonitis
    • Knee injuries
    • Dislocations
    • Fractures
    • Arthritis
    • Joint instability
    • Rotator cuff injuries
    • Overuse conditions
    • Age-related conditions

Sports rehab benefits:

    • Determines injury cause
    • Identifies pain source
    • Decreases pain
    • Identifies imbalances
    • Improves mobility
    • Strengthens core stability
    • Increases sports function
    • Prevents injury recurrences

Your treatment plan may include:

    • Manual therapy techniques
    • Sports massage
    • Pain relieving modalities
    • Soft tissue mobilization
    • Home treatment program

Plus, sports-related training exercises:

    • Stretching exercises
    • Strength training
    • Coordination exercises
    • Agility training
    • Endurance exercises
    • Motor control training
    • Advanced balancing exercises
    • Plyometrics/jump training
    • Core stabilization training
    • Neuromuscular training

Each visit, sports physical therapy patients receive:

    • One-on-one interventions with a proactive physical therapist
    • A customized, sport-specific treatment plan
    • Recurrent re-evaluation to progress your program
    • A detailed home exercise program

Integrated Physical Therapy Services serves area high school athletes, college athletes, pro athletes, Olympic athletes and weekend warrior athletes! Contact Us if you have a question about sports rehabilitation or would like to schedule an appointment with a sports rehab physical therapist.